About TechforAfrica


At TechForAfrica, we believe in the transformative power of technology and innovation.

In the early years, TechForAfrica focused on building a robust community of African entrepreneurs, innovators, and technology professionals. The organization became a beacon of hope for those who aspired to drive Africa's technological evolution.

TechForAfrica's journey continues, guided by the belief that technology has the potential to reshape the continent's future. With each passing year, it reinforces its commitment to empowering Africa through technology, ensuring that the continent not only keeps pace with the global tech community but also leads the way in innovation and impact.

Our vision is to catalyze Africa's technological transformation. We aspire to see Africa emerge as a global tech hub, known for its innovation, entrepreneurship, and contributions to solving both local and global challenges through technology.

At TechForAfrica, our mission is to empower, unite, and advance the African tech, innovation, acceleration, and incubation ecosystem. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment that nurtures talent, innovation, and sustainable growth within the continent's tech community.

  1. To establish TechForAfrica as a leading advocate and catalyst for tech-driven transformation in Africa.

  2. To foster collaboration and partnerships among tech stakeholders, both locally and globally.

  3. To support and scale 500 tech startups in the next five years, contributing to job creation and economic growth.

  4. To provide 5,000 laptops annually to deserving candidates, reducing barriers to technology access.

  5. To host an annual TechForAfrica conference, bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers to drive the tech agenda in Africa.

  6. To expand our reach to at least 20 African countries, ensuring our impact is felt continent-wide.

Meet the Head
of our team

Dr. Tijani Hakeem

CEO / Founder

Transforming Africa's Tech Landscape

Hakeem Tijani is the visionary entrepreneur and esteemed founder of TechForAfrica, a groundbreaking organization dedicated to propelling technological innovation and digital transformation throughout Africa. With a profound commitment to harnessing technology to address Africa's unique challenges and unlock its immense potential, Hakeem has emerged as a prominent and influential figure within the global tech ecosystem.


Hakeem's journey into the world of technology and entrepreneurship is rooted in his academic background and professional experiences.

Leadership at TechForAfrica

Under Hakeem's dynamic leadership, TechForAfrica has become a pivotal force for change in Africa's tech landscape. The organization has fostered entrepreneurship, supported startups, and facilitated collaborations among tech enthusiasts, investors, and policymakers.

Hakeem's Vision

Hakeem Tijani's enduring commitment revolves around closing the digital divide and promoting sustainable development in Africa through technology. He envisions a future where technology acts as a driving force behind economic growth, educational advancements, and improved healthcare outcomes across the continent.

Achievements and Recognition

Hakeem's exceptional contributions and vision have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous accolades and acknowledgments from both the tech industry and the global community for his tireless efforts in advancing technology in Africa.

Impact and Inspiration

Hakeem Tijani's leadership at TechForAfrica serves as an enduring source of inspiration for aspiring African tech leaders and innovators. His strategic acumen, innovative problem-solving, and unwavering dedication have positioned TechForAfrica at the forefront of Africa's technology revolution.

In summary, Hakeem Tijani stands as a driving force behind the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Africa. His leadership, rooted in a solid educational foundation and extensive professional experience, has propelled TechForAfrica to the vanguard of Africa's technological renaissance, making a lasting impact on the continent's digital future.

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